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The Three Founders

Take a heaping portion of hard work, mix in a healthy pinch of megalomania and an even larger dose of self-deprecation, and add in lots of laughter: now you're on your way to describing the three Jimdo founders. The drive that led them to launch Jimdo from the ground up in 2007 is still going strong. 


This blog is the spot where the three founders will take time to reflect, share stories from the early days of Jimdo and a few trade secrets as well.


Fridtjof Detzner

Product Development, Design


Fridtjof and Christian started their first company, the web agency dream-up.de, while still in school. He founded another company with Christian and Matthias, then Jimdo in 2007. If Fridtjof's not in the office, he's pedalling his mountain or racing bike in the Alps, kitesurfing, or pursuing some other extreme sport.


Twitter: @fridel


Matthias Henze

Online Marketing, Distribution


Matthias studied business (among other things) at the universities of Kiel and Goteborg before he started a business with Fridtjof and Christian. Matthias takes care of Jimdo's (online) marketing. He escapes it all above the clouds—gliding is his passion.


Twitter: @mathenze


Christian Springub

Jimdo USA


Christian started his first business at the age of 12 buying and reselling Kinder Surprise collectible toys at flea markets. Three years later he switched to creating websites for small businesses in his hometown with Fridtjof. Christian moved to San Francisco in 2011 to set up Jimdo in the USA.


Twitter: @springub