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Jimdo for iOS



Today is a big day for us: Jimdo is now available on iOS.


We wanted to take some time to write about what this app means for us and how it has helped grow our company.


One product, many platforms.

It was early last year when we decided that a mobile app was the next important innovation for Jimdo. We looked at products we love—Evernote, Dropbox, Spotify—and we saw that they were extraordinary because they could be used on many different devices in many different situations. If you want to take a quick note in a meeting, you may use Evernote on your iPhone, but if you’re outlining a strategy for an upcoming product launch, you’ll probably use Evernote on your computer.


Jimdo has so many use cases just like that, and we wanted to give our users access to their websites in those thousands of small moments away from their desks. A restaurant owner can upload a photo of the day's specials right from the kitchen. A musician can create a gallery of tour photos backstage. And when these people have more time, they can completely overhaul their websites from a computer.


Building the app.

Our aim was to create an app that provides value to people who use it from day one. An app that is a joy to use—one that ends up on the home screen. We wanted to make something that was actually simple enough to enable anyone to build a website and powerful enough to be used frequently for updating and editing.


We spent a lot of time making sure the UI was intuitive and enjoyable to use. In the end, we created something that borrows from our web interface—so our existing users feel at home—and also leans on the simplicity of iOS so that new users can jump right in.


Our research shows that Jimdo is the most robust cross-platform website building app available, and we think people who download it today will see its value immediately. Prior to launch, though, it was impossible to know exactly how users would react to the app. Of course we did lots of user testing, but there was still a feeling of uncertainty. Now that we've heard the very first feedback from our users, we can breathe a sigh of relief, and we have a huge reason to celebrate.


We'd love to hear your feedback, too. Download Jimdo here and let us know what you think in the comments!


Building a product, growing a company, and feeling the passion.

Since our last big launch, a lot has changed at Jimdo. The most noticeable change is our size. Our team has grown to nearly 170 people in 4 offices worldwide.


The last few weeks have been absolutely joyful. We are a small enough team that everyone is contributing to the app launch in some way, and we're large enough that we can do so much more to make the launch a big success. Everyone in the company has united behind one goal.


It's hard to explain how wonderful the people who work here are and how especially great the atmosphere has been during the last few weeks. Walking through the office in Hamburg or Skyping with our teams abroad, we could really feel passion and enthusiasm everywhere. Everyone is excited to be working on something huge.


It's an incredible feeling. Moments like these really make the difference and are the reason we enjoy running Jimdo so much. A big thanks goes out to the entire team – for creating this spirit. Every single one of you rocks.


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    Devon Elise (Thursday, 22 August 2013)

    Thanks Matthias and everyone at Jimdo. It's been really great seeing this app through to the launch date. Such pleasure to work with an amazing team on a big project like this!

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    agneslockhart (Thursday, 22 February 2018 15:28)

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