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We write a lot here about the culture here at Jimdo and what it feels like to work here—it's high time we showed it to you! Here are some photos from the last few months so you can catch a glimpse of what life at Jimdo is really like. From the atmosphere in our office to a retreat with the whole team to Burg Lutter (a castle!); from wakeboarding to a sprint in Cuxhaven (the town on the North Sea where Jimdo was founded)... it's all here for you to see.





1. "Good morning Fridel!" Thanks to Paco, this is how a day in the office begins... | 2. Wakeboarding in Pinneberg | 3. Outside our Aquarium Chill-Out Room... | 4. ...Relaxing inside the Aquarium Room

5. The stars at night - Camping out at Castle Lutter | 6. Co-founder Matthias @ work | 7. Having an after-work beer at the Elbe River | 8. The first-ever Jimdo user meetup! | 9. The best lunches in the world thanks to Chef Sam | 10. Working in the "Aquarium" | 11. Which boss is stronger? | 12. Still flying! Testing the glider at a sprint in Cuxhaven | 13. Posing in front of the new videoconferencing syste | 14. Taking a break from the sprint - at the beach. | 15. Jimdo founders at the Christmas market. | 16. Kitchen Club Party No. 1 | 17. Floor 5, Headquarters, Hamburg  | 18. Wall of Fame



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    Happy Coffee (Monday, 18 June 2012 17:41)

    Immer wieder schön zu sehen, wie´s bei euch ist!

  • #2

    Alexander (Thursday, 28 June 2012 13:11)

    Jimdo danke für alles