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Not everyone here works on the website, or: how can we make team members even happier?



Corporate culture is important. Right? After all, we spend most of the day in the office with other people in the company – it only makes sense that we all feel good and get along while we’re here. Be that as it may, most people could probably tell stories about all the little things that annoy them at work every day. Not us - but then again, working at Jimdo has always been different from working at other companies.


Times may change, but we prefer to stay the same

Challenges arise and are mastered, and then the next ones come along. We’re not out on the farm anymore: we even have regular cool offices in Hamburg, San Francisco, Tokyo and Shanghai. And it's not just the three of us anymore: we have over 100 team members from 17 countries.


Growth is great – but we also find ourselves thinking about things that just weren’t an issue up until now. How can we make sure that the fast pace of growth is paired with a great feeling at work? What can we do to keep the atmosphere in the office as friendly and chill as ever? It’s not easy to answer this in a single sentence – but one thing we’re certain about: we'll need to invest in our company culture to make sure the place where we work is as great as it always has been.


So where does Magda come in?

That’s how Magda’s job came to be: a job you can talk about for half an hour but which doesn’t have an official title - yet. It's just as hard to pin down what Magda does at Jimdo as it is to pin down Magda herself. She doesn’t do anything “website-related” at Jimdo, instead her job is make sure everyone feels good – which she does with buckets of good cheer and positive vibes. She’s been called “feel-good lobbyist", “happiness support expert” and “sprint organizer”. We find new things for her to do almost every day. Among other things, she is responsible for


  • Meeting and greeting new team members and showing them around.
  • Making our company culture real, giving it a palpable form.
  • Monitoring our positive and negative feedback books which give every team member the opportunity to share what's on his or her mind.
  • Organizing sports: Lunch running group, fitness studio, planning after-work athletic events
  • Improving office processes
  • Creating a space where people feel comfortable socializing. An example is the “What about tea?” lottery: every week, Magda picks five names out of a hat, and the five team members meet for cup of tea and chat
  • Planning our new office space
  • Trash shopping: in order to part the seas of chaos in the office, Magda comes around with a shopping cart once a week to pick up trash
  • Sam’s kitchen
  • Helping make this a bike-friendly place to work
  • Setting up the multitude of Jimdo events


Guess what? After we explain all that, most people do understand (even those who were a bit skeptical about Magda's job at first). “Wow, we could sure use somebody like that at our company,” they usually say.


At Jimdo, we hope that more companies start to realize just how important Magda’s job is. And who knows? Maybe sometime soon there will be a quasi-official job title, Happiness Officer or something of the sort. Here in Germany, word is already spreading fast: Yvonne from startupcareer.de did a great interview with Magda here (in German).


If you want to find out more: Get in touch if you’re interested.


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Comments: 2
  • #1

    Marc H. (Thursday, 31 May 2012 19:46)

    Whatever you want to call the position - seems like every workplace should have one!

  • #2

    Julie (Wednesday, 24 June 2015 04:16)

    I am the Happiness Engineer for the Product Team at Xero! We need a worldwide group!