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4 Countries in 14 days: The Three Founders Travel to Asia



After a wait that seems far too long, we're heading back to Asia again tomorrow! We'll be travelling until November 24, and we're more excited than ever, especially since there are a few new destinations on our itinerary this year. Today, before we head east, we're honored to be speaking at this year's NOAH Conference in London.


From there we'll fly to Japan to meet up with our six-person team at KDDI Web. In the last few years, Japan has grown to become our second largest national market (after Germany of course). This fall, we also launched a high-profile partnership with Google. Plus, the Jimdo community there is just incredible. We wanted to some time with exactly these fans, so Team Japan organized an event for users in Japan, humbly known as the Jimdo Founders Camp. Here are few details for those who don't read Japanese: it will be held at the World Heritage Site Tōdai-ji temple over the course of an entire day, and almost as soon as registration opened, nearly all 300 spots were filled. Have we already mentioned how amazing the Jimdo Japan community is? ;-).

After that, we'll be attending a few other events in Japan, which we will definitely report on right here - stay tuned! And there's no question that we will also have a chance to spend a few choice moments savoring the delicate pleasure of a Japanese beer drafting machine.


What's next


After that, we will be flying on to Korea and Taiwan to catch up with Jimdo users and to meet new partners and  contacts. We're really excited about the trip and everything that we'll see and do there - and we will make sure to keep you updated here in this blog.

At the end of the trip we'll be heading to China again  - but this time around, we'll be in Beijing to meet a few partners. And when it's all over, we'll have a chance to see the Great Wall of China and the Forbidden City.

If you know of any cool people or startups in Seoul or Taipei, let us know: we'd love to meet a few new founders, Jimdo users or just plain interesting people.



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