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Jimdo - Pages to the People!

Time to blog back.



We feel we owe a lot to the web - after all, much of what we know we learned from the Internet. After four years of Jimdo, we had the feeling that we have something to share which might help out other people, too.


One aspect of this project will definitely be to look back at what has happened and to share our own perspective. Another part will be to spend a bit of time addressing topics that are our minds (or things that annoy us, or anything else that might come up). We want to write about things we are good at doing - and also about things that we wish we were better at doing.


One topic that is bound to come up again and again is the United States. As you may have read, Christian recently moved to San Francisco to launch the Jimdo USA office. From day one, we have offered an English version of the website, but so far we have not been able to make serious inroads in America. Christian will report live and ‘in the trenches’, so to speak, on what has worked for us (and what hasn't).


Let’s be honest: we don’t have a detailed concept on how this blog will run on a daily basis. We're just getting started, and will adapt depending on how things develop (and based on feedback from readers like you). Call it an experiment if you like. Not a Jimdo PR campaign, that’s for sure: although most topics will probably touch on Jimdo in some way.


So who's writing here, anyway?

At the beginning, the three of us - Christian, Fridtjof and Matthias - will take turns posting or write something together. We’re fairly busy people, though, so Svenja will help us out from time to time with the writing part. We’ll tag each blog post so you can tell who wrote it. In the future, other Jimdo team members are bound to chime in here as well.


We’re looking forward to the conversation!

Christian, Fridtjof, Matthias



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